How to Choose the Right Packaging Labels for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Packaging Labels for Your Business

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June 12, 2023

Product labels are an integral factor in customers’ buying decisions. After all, they’re the first thing customers see and 85% of shoppers say that packaging plays a significant role when making their purchasing choices.

Labels provide essential information about a product, such as safety instructions and warnings. Furthermore, they feature branding and messaging that help make the item stand out in its category.


Custom packaging labels are an effective way to make your products stand out from competitors and boost brand recognition. They can be printed with company logos, product names, thank you messages, and other essential details for added convenience.Titan Labels jeddah

When designing labels for your products, select colors that stand out against other items on the shelf. Doing this helps draw customers’ attention to your item and boost sales.

Another way to make your packaging stand out is by using unique shapes. Diecuts, perforations, and other details can add visual interest to the label.

Applying custom labels is possible in two ways: manually or as part of an automated production line. Which route you take will depend on your business needs and the product type offered.
Printing Options

Selecting the ideal printing process can make all the difference in how well your product labels perform. There are many factors to take into account, such as the size of your job and what results you want to achieve.

Are you testing different label designs in small market samples or producing large numbers of product labels for a private label manufacturer?

Digital printing could be beneficial.

Offset printing is an old-school label manufacturing technique that utilizes metal plates to transfer ink onto paper. It’s the ideal option when your product labels require high-quality graphics and vibrant colors, though it can be pricey for small runs.

Packaging labels are made of materials that affect their aesthetic, durability and long-term success. Not only that, but the type of product attached to the label and how it’s presented on the package also have an effect on how well a given label performs.

Label materials come in a range of characteristics, such as cost effectiveness, durability, shelf presence and adhesive performance. Each has its advantages and drawbacks that must be taken into consideration when choosing which material best suits your needs.Titan Labels jeddah

Label stock typically comes in two forms: paper and film.

Paper is the most cost-effective, but less durable label material. To increase its resistance against smudging, moisture damage and UV rays it can be coated with varnish (fully or partially).

Plastic labels are another common material used for labeling purposes. Plastic comes in various thicknesses, colors and textures and is ideal for products requiring long shelf lives like food items, bath and body items or chemical drums, due to their resistance to water and oil penetration.


Pricing is an integral element of product labels. It helps consumers quickly assess the cost of a product and makes it easier for them to make informed purchasing decisions.

Labels often stand as the sole distinguishing factor between products on store shelves, so it’s essential that your packaging labels convey your brand story in an effective and persuasive way.

The cost of a custom product label can vary significantly based on its size, quantity, and materials used in the printing process.thermal receipt paper in Saudi arabia

Before beginning printing on your custom product label, it is essential to get a quote from the label company. This will include all pertinent specifications such as material, adhesive and desired number of colors.

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