What You Should Know About Forex Introducing Brokers

What You Should Know About Forex Introducing Brokers

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October 4, 2022
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Forex Introducing Broker: What Do They Do?

An Introducing Broker, also referred to as IB, happens to be an individual or an organization that has the authority to accept orders to purchase or sell financial instruments. They, however, do not accept money or any other asset from their clients to carry out this activity. Visit multibank group

To put it simply, an Introducing Broker works in close proximity with the clients but refrains from carrying out trades directly. This is something a regular broker does. The IB’s job is to refer clients and provide the requisite support for a particular trade. For the work they do, Introducing Brokers get rewarded in the form of the commission they earn on each trade that they help in.

What is the Difference Between Introducing Brokers and Affiliates?

An Introducing Broker builds the bridge between a client and a brokerage. An affiliate performs a similar function. However, the two are different from each other. An affiliate works towards creating an affiliate website or a similar channel. After that, they include tracking links and help the broker deal with the clients directly. 

Because of the activities carried out by introducing brokers and affiliates, it is very easy to confuse the two. It is important to remember that an affiliate’s responsibilities largely revolve around marketing. An affiliate, after gaining a certain amount of experience, can become an introducing broker. 

An Introducing Broker amplifies the marketing process. It offers consultation-based services to make the trading process seamless. An IB is responsible for creating a long-term bond with clients that yields some value in the future. 

An IB and a brokerage should be on the same page while working with each other. Clients carry out their trades with the help of a brokerage and IB makes a commission on these trades. A large number of people operating in the trading sector refer to an IB as an evolved version of a marketer. 

An IB offers a greater number of services than an affiliate marketer and has the scope of making more money in the form of commissions. These days, a large number of individuals work as affiliate marketers for a while, gain some experience and then, branch out as Introducing Brokers. 

What are the Functions Performed by an Introducing Broker?

The job of an Introducing Broker can be equated to the activities performed by a full-service broker. IBS is the middleman between two entities, the brokerage and the market. They offer information and services that help you trade better. They assure you of increased efficiency while reducing the workload drastically. 

You will get all the marketing assistance you need from an IB. If you need some feedback about the trade, an IB would be the best person to reach out to. An IB also undertakes the responsibility of providing technical support and customer service.

How Do Introducing Brokers Operate?

A large number of Introducing Brokers are categorized as one-person operations. Then, there are many that operate in the form of large businesses or organizations having a multi-city presence. Introducing Brokers mostly take up local clients so that they could serve them well and attend to their needs and queries at any given point in time.

FCMs or Future Commissioning Merchant companies are able to benefit from economies of scale because of taking the help of IBs. IBs are never in possession of the financial resources that are required to execute trades. That’s because you need to have a direct connection with future exchanges and entities that are in charge of maintaining financial accounts, reporting and trades. 

What Should an Introducing Broker Remember?

When you are working as an Introducing Broker, there are a few important things you should always remember. While certain things would be learned with experience, there are some factors you should study and remember before you take the plunge as an IB.

  • Deal with Multiple Clients 

When you are working as an Introduction Broker, the ‘less is more’ philosophy doesn’t quite work. If you are really serious about building a good reputation as an Introducing Broker, you need to have a large clientele.

When you have worked as an IB for several years and are well-known in the market, you can afford to deal with a handful of premium clients. However, in the initial stage, you should not be choosy and try to take as many clients as you can on board.

  • Choose Brokerage Carefully

You will come across many brokerages in the market who will promise you the moon but would not even offer you a glimpse of the sky. If you team up with an inefficient or unprofessional broker, you will waste a lot of your time and effort.

Before partnering with somebody, you must check their reputation and find out whether they can be trusted or not. It would also not be a good idea to partner with brokerages who are good people but do not know how to get things done quickly. 

  • Try To Earn More

One of the few ways in which an Introducing Broker earns some revenue is by charging a certain commission on the people they deal with. Making a healthy commission should be one of the most important objectives for an IB. 

While there is a chance of making a good amount of money catering to clients who carry out high-value trades, you must also look for clients who wish to trade fervently and can help you earn moderate revenues on a regular basis. You will be regarded as a successful IB when you manage to earn commission regularly. 


An Introducing Broker’s job is to ensure that the clients do not face any issues while engaging in trading practices. Before you join hands with a broker in UAE, you need to check whether their offerings are in sync with what their clients expect out of them.  

As an IB, try to find brokers that are willing to provide multiple financial instruments. Before you speak to a client, you must get a good amount of information on the trading platforms and software offered by the broker.  

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