How many students study in a driving school in lahore

How many students study in a driving school in lahore

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June 23, 2023
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To obtain a driver’s license, you must undergo appropriate training, which allows you to thoroughly study the Rules of the Road, and apply practical driving skills on the road. How many people study in a driving school in Lahore and how to choose a driving school in order to drive safely for yourself and others will be described below.

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Terms of study in a driving school

driving school in lahore is the best driving school in Lahore. Much depends on the workload of the student. It is better to ask the question in a different way: “how many hours are allocated for training in a driving school?”. Consider the example of preparing drivers for driving cars – category B. After the Ministry of Education made adjustments to the program, the prescribed 150 hours increased to 190. The main part – 130 hours is given to theoretical foundations, 56 hours are allocated for practical classes, and the remaining 4 hours are examinations.

Therefore, the total training time in a driving school varies from 2.5 to 5 months. You can quickly master the program and start exams with 4-5 multiple weekly classes. If you visit an educational institution 2 times a week, then the duration of the course will stretch for 5 months.

Reducing the time for preparing for exams will allow the presence of a driver’s license of any category. In this case, 84 hours are allotted for retraining. 122 hours are allotted for mastering the moped or scooter driving program.

Is it possible to study online?

Thanks to the development of Internet technologies, remote training of future drivers has become possible today. This option is acceptable for people who are not able to attend regular classes, even in the evenings. However, online learning refers only to the theoretical part of the program, while practical driving lessons will have to be taken in the usual way.

Before you start studying theory online, you should think about which driving school to choose. The fact is that in order to master the program remotely, the educational institution must have the appropriate license. In general, this method of obtaining a driver’s license has numerous advantages:

  • the student himself chooses the time for studying the theory, taking into account the schedule;
  • those who have irregular working hours and do not have the opportunity to regularly attend school can study for law;
  • to master the theory, it is enough to have access to the global network at a convenient time for the student;
  • future drivers will pay less for remote lessons than for offline lessons.

The development of the theoretical course is carried out in the same way as the lessons at school, but here you can additionally analyze topics. Video materials, if necessary, remain available for viewing again and again, questions can be asked to the teacher individually or disassembled in a general chat. An online tutor will help you if you have difficulties with homework.

To evaluate the quality of an online program, most driving schools offer a demo version. After passing it, a person understands how distance learning takes place and whether it suits him personally. How long will distance learning at a driving school last? Approximately the same as when mastering an offline program.

Tips for choosing a driving school

You have understood the main nuances of preparing for obtaining a driver’s license. Now the task remains – how to choose the right driving school. First of all, check the right of a particular institution to conduct training activities. This is done on the official website of the traffic police – documents for a driving school enable students to take exams from regulatory authorities. The address of the educational institution must be entered in the traffic police database.

Consider the following factors:

  1. The location of the school office and the circuit – you will have to drive regularly for several months, so the distance from home is crucial.
  2. The asphalted autodrome of the educational institution must be equipped with road signs, traffic lights, and markings.
  3. The cost of education plays an important role in the question – how to choose a driving school in Lahore. After all, there are many institutions for training drivers and the prices are about the same. But, they need to be carefully analyzed. Too low cost often indicates poor quality of education. For example, practical driving may not be carried out with each student individually, but in a group. Or the cost does not include spending on gasoline during practical driving.
  4. The equipment of the classrooms and the qualifications of the teaching staff are also very important when choosing an institution. Information is available on the school website. You can visit it in person. Manuals must be new and up-to-date. It is good if the classes are equipped with auto simulators.
  5. How to choose a driving school so as not to regret it later? Of course, familiarise yourself with the fleet. You can learn in a car with an automatic or manual transmission. But, it is still better to learn mechanics, although it will be somewhat more difficult. A driver’s license can later be used to drive a car with an automatic transmission.


About how much time to study at a driving school, it was said above. However, when concluding a contract, attention should be paid to the rights and obligations of the parties, the total number of hours and terms of training. It is also necessary to take into account the obligation of the school in relation to students after the end of the course. For example, whether a driving instructor accompanies you to exams. Be sure to check the list to see which driving schools are active and which are no longer licensed. And does the school have extreme driving courses in Lahore.


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