Tips and Best Practices for Perfect Mobile Apps for Events

Tips and Best Practices for Perfect Mobile Apps for Events

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December 13, 2023

Mobile apps for events have been available for a long time, these apps play a significant role in the success of the event. Event planners and organizers always need an event app to streamline their management and execution. There are multiple moving parts during an event that must be looked after. Event registration and ticketing are the major factors that should be taken care of because they impact the ROI. Mobile applications for events provide flexibility and convenience to the attendees by giving them access to information at their fingertips. But to leverage the unparalleled experience of these apps, you need to choose a suitable one and boost the traffic to it.

In this blog, we will discuss the best tips for choosing a mobile app for events. Moreover, we will also take a look at the best practices that can be used.

Mobile Apps for Events and Their Features

Event apps are software that is made available over the app stores to be downloaded by the attendees. These apps are used by the attendees to highlight their overall experience and elevate the whole event experience. Each and every event information is available inside an event registration app. Attendees can easily buy tickets, access information, and can do much more. Whereas, the organizers can use these apps to keep track of each and every event activity, interact with attendees, send updates, and more. Moreover, these apps are also suitable for providing data collection opportunities and feedback from the attendees. The most interesting features that should be included in the event app checklist are listed below.


With the increased use and advancement in technology, now event organizers can offer much more to their audience. Now a personalized experience can be offered to them for their event app. Whether it is a hybrid or in-person event app, with personalization you can allow them to easily find and add what they want. They can personalize the whole app according to their needs, from schedules and agendas to the theme of the app. Moreover, an integration option with other services can provide a seamless experience.

Push Notifications and Updates

Whether it’s an event app for on-ground events or a virtual one, reminder and push notifications are an essential part of the app. It can help in passing all the important updates and information, whether it is a last-minute change or a reminder. There is no better way to let them know about this information in an instant. This way, attendees can be kept fully engaged, and provide them the opportunity to receive alerts about the event. The push notification feature of the mobile apps for events is also a very practical way to communicate with the attendees.

Real-Time Interactions

Before the introduction of virtual and in-person apps or a hybrid event app, it used to be a one-way communication. These apps have allowed the speakers, panels, and organizers to engage directly with the attendees. With their interactive features that can work in real-time such as surveys, Q&A sessions, live streaming, polls, and chats. Audiences can now interact in real time and have enhanced communication. This is not only convenient from the audience’s point, but it is also very useful for the organizers to collect valuable information.


An important part of events like conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, etc. is creating new connections and networking. Mobile apps for events should provide networking opportunities with AI matchmaking or any other tool. So that the attendees with similar interests can interact with each other and create a long-term relationship. The app should facilitate features to see other attendee’ data, and profiles, and send chat messages or share their contact information.

Post Event Survey

Post-event surveys are a vital and important part of any event because they can help you make more informed decisions about your future events. Mobile event app for in-person events or any other type of events should be able to facilitate surveys. That can help in getting feedback rather than sending out follow-up emails to the attendees. Getting feedback from the attendees is much simpler and more effective.

Increase Traffic to Your Event App

Your event ticketing app or a fully integrated app is only as good as its amount of users. If you are not able to generate traffic to your app, then it can lead to the failure of it. Making your app available and adopted by a vast number of attendees, can access new engagement opportunities. Since the app can be made available in different formats and for different types of events, there are certain ways that can be used to generate traffic to the app.

Make It Easily Accessible

In order to generate traffic, the first step is to have a solid event app optimization strategy. The audience should be able to find and download the app easily without any kind of difficulty. Additionally, implementing schedules and other specific actions inside the mobile app for events should be as seamless as possible.

Give an Introduction

There can be multiple distractions for the attendees while using the event app for in-person events. Give them a quick guide or demo at the introduction of your app so that they can know what it is capable of doing. This way, attendees are more likely to engage with the event early on.

Add Security

Adding security to the mobile apps for events can help in creating trust among the attendees. This is because there are multiple information that needs to be put inside the app about the attendees like personal and payment details. They should feel safe and secure while accessing the app and using it.

Encourage Engagement

It is important to keep the audience’s enthusiasm throughout the event. This can be challenging, but you need to keep the audience engaged with features that can add value to the event. The event ticketing app should be able to facilitate a seamless experience with engagement.


Mobile apps for events are a suitable option that can be used during the event. They can help streamline the whole event management process and help in a seamless event execution. These apps are great for engaging the attendees with all the information at their fingertips. But to leverage them, you need to find a suitable app that is feature-rich and drives traffic to it.

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