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November 24, 2022
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The 21st century is at its peak and so is every trend. Social media platforms have brought up unending competition among the youth and youngsters, especially teenagers. Increasing the number of followers on social media has set a standard and made certain people known as “influencers”. These influencers then started to have certain enough followers required to be able to advertise any product.

This has proved to be a very effective advertising and marketing method as people follow the influencers and prefer to buy the product recommended by their favorite influencer. Brands then started to contact these famous people who had a huge following on social media to receive free products from the brands and companies to use and show them to their followers.

Influencer boxes

The PR package that is the free products any influencer gets from a brand has to be very fancy and attractive as the only purpose of this campaign is to attract the audience of the influencer towards buying the product by just looking at it. So, looks have to be enhanced and that can be done with the help of influencer boxes.

Custom influencer boxes

Influencer boxes are not just boxes because they can be customized by the brand owner in just any way they would want according to the desire of the image they want of their product to be shown to the audience. The “unboxing trend” is another trend that is very cool and has started to spread like fire among the influencers especially. For the unboxing of your product, the box has to be pretty impressive, fashionable, fancy, well-set, organized, and aesthetic too. All of these characteristics can be then brought into your product by customization which will turn your simple influencer boxes into “custom influencer boxes”. There is not much of a difference by definition but by looks of course they would look like two very different courses of designing ways.

Ways to make your custom influencer boxes more beneficial for your business

Custom influencer boxes

Influencer boxes or custom influencer boxes, both are very beneficial for your business but of course, no one would prefer to buy any product in a poorly packed way or a difficult manner of packaging so the packaging has always to be extremely user-friendly yet extravagant.

  1. Lamination

Lamination is the coating which will be the first layer of the color and coating on your influencer boxes. This coating has to be the basis of all the other types of décor that you will be trying out on your influencer boxes. Your influencer box doesn’t have to be the same as your normal packaging for your products. You can change the designs and that’s what would be your customizations for your custom boxes. The lamination however better not to be changed completely but you can use near and cousin colors for this purpose, such as you can change pink (the normal color of your brand) to purple (for your influencer boxes).

  1. Décor

Décor is the next step then after the lamination. Décor includes every other accessorial thing that you would want to add in your box looks and the way you would add too. The way you add text can also be decorated by choice. For example, you can emboss/deboss the brand’s name and tagline on the box and also do gold or silver foiling on the box and causing an increase in the level of readability and interest of the audience at once at the same time.

  1. Color

The color of the box is already decided because of the representation of the brand to be already there but if you want to bring a little excitement then you can change the color of the lamination and make personalized custom influencer boxes. The color of the text can be changed to a little extent to bring out neither a very different than normal look nor a very similar and boring look for your custom boxes.

  1. Brand details

Brand details include the brand name and brand tagline that has to be on any kind of box regardless of the purpose of the box because you have to specify the box by printing your brand’s or company’s name on your box of interest.

  1. Printing caliber

Printing every décor step on the box is the most important step as it can turn everything look like a dream in reality or not a dream-like reality at all. Preference of the type of printing technique used is also very effective that’s why before any final decisions regarding the designs etc. you should print a sample to make sure you can deliver the same quality to the influencer and audience through the influencer as you are experiencing during the manufacture of such boxes. Digital printing and screen printing are the most convenient types of printing.


These are the ways of making your custom influencer boxes more special because if a product’s packaging cannot simply impress the influencer then how can the product packaging be capable of convincing the audience who is sitting online and watching everything through a screen? That’s why it is important to understand the purpose of each of the steps above mentioned and then mold them according to your own strategies.

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