Viva Max : 1969  Film

Viva Max : 1969 Film

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March 1, 2023

What is “Viva Max!” 1969?

“Viva Max!” is a 1969 comedy film directed by Jerry Paris and starring Peter Ustinov, Pamela Tiffin, and John Astin. The film is based on the novel “The Un-Americans” by Gordon Cotler and was released during the height of the Vietnam War.

The film tells the story of General Maximilian Rodrigues De Santos, played by Ustinov, who leads a group of Mexican soldiers across the border into Texas to reclaim the Alamo, which he believes was stolen from Mexico. His plan is to raise the Mexican flag over the Alamo and make a statement against American imperialism.

However, his plan is complicated by the presence of local law enforcement, led by Captain Owen Decker (John Astin), who is tasked with preventing the Mexican soldiers from reaching the Alamo. Along the way, General De Santos encounters several eccentric characters and comedic situations.

The film received mixed reviews upon its release, with some praising Ustinov’s performance and the film’s satirical commentary on American imperialism, while others criticized the film’s simplistic approach to complex issues. Despite its mixed reception, “Viva Max!” has since gained a cult following and is remembered as a quirky and entertaining comedy.

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The star cast of “Viva Max!” (1969) :

  1. Peter Ustinov as General Maximilian Rodrigues De Santos
  2. Pamela Tiffin as Jeanine De La Fuente
  3. John Astin as Captain Owen Decker
  4. Jonathan Winters as Sgt. Valdez
  5. Harry Morgan as Gen. Billy Joe Hallson
  6. Keenan Wynn as Col. Kimmel
  7. Aldo Ray as Lt. Col. Jones
  8. Richard Haydn as The Ambassador
  9. Robert Donner as Cpl. Billy Joe Craddock
  10. Dick Shawn as Private Harry Simmons
  11. Larry Storch as Pvt. Valdez
  12. Eduardo Ciannelli as Father Sanchez

These are some of the main actors who played important roles in the film.

Viva Max! : 1969 Full Movie Download 2022 :

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In summary :

As the Mexicans prepare to defend the Alamo against the American army, the situation becomes increasingly chaotic, and General De Santos finds himself in a difficult position. The film is a satire on the relationship between Mexico and the United States, and it uses humor to explore themes of cultural misunderstandings and national pride.

Viva Max! was not a critical or commercial success, and it received mixed reviews from audiences and critics. However, it has become a cult classic and is remembered for its quirky humor and unique take on the historical events surrounding the Alamo.

According to available sources, the film had a modest box office performance. Its production budget was around $3 million, and it grossed approximately $3.3 million at the box office. While it did not become a blockbuster hit, the film has gained a cult following over the years and is remembered as a quirky and entertaining comedy.

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