Best Bridal Shower Photo Booth Props For the Upcoming Wedding Season

Best Bridal Shower Photo Booth Props For the Upcoming Wedding Season

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December 31, 2022

The wedding season is in its full boom. Every other day we hear about someone getting married and receive countless invitations for bridal showers and receptions. These events are already very intimate and fun but can be made even better by the addition of photo booth props as an entertainment option for family and friends. 

You can even give some memorable photographs to the guests so they can have something to look back to. In this article, we will find out about some of the best bridal shower photo booth props available online that will make the event even better right according to the chosen theme. 

Our Favorite Photo booth props for Bridal Shower

It is highly recommended that you purchase the props as a set since this will ensure that all the guests get to have one when posing for a picture. Moreover, you can also go for personalizing the experience by incorporating elements unique to your bridal shower into the photo booth props. Let’s look into some of the available options, which are not only glamorous and classy, but some are quite funny too. 

  1. White and Gold Photo Booth Props 

These photo booth props will add the required Glitz and Glamour to your bridal shower. Even better if it is white and gold themed. These props are extremely cute and aesthetic. The metallic look of these props makes them look super chic. The set includes a pretty diamond ring, gold foil glasses, etc., that the guests can use to pose in pictures. 

  1. Garden Party Photo Booth Props 

A stylish wedding in a garden calls for equally modern decorations. In such circumstances, when your theme is all floral, this garden party photo booth props set is exactly what you need to add to the decorations. This adorable set would definitely look and feel fantastic to the guests at the bridal shower or a bachelorette party. 

  1. Photo Booth Props for the Autumn Theme 

Celebrate your bridal shower that is themed after the fall season with appropriate rusty decorations. This autumn photo booth set is fully autumnal and will complement not only the seasonal décor but also the bride-to-be’s dress/get-up that she must have chosen for the event.

  1. Chalkboard Photo Booth Props for a Bridal Shower 

Allow your guests to express themselves using speech bubbles that can be customized. They will be able to jot down their emotions and feelings on these chalkboard props. The best part is that these chalkboard photo booth props can be used more than once. You can simply create something, then erase it and try again. 

Although there are a lot of photo booths out there, what makes this one unique is that you can personalize the props to say whatever you want. You can use it in a funny way by writing “why you came to the party,” or you can take it more seriously by using it as an alternative to writing your wishes and remarks for the new couple. 

  1. The classic photo booth accessories 

There is no way one can go wrong with a classic set, such as this wedding photo booth kit that is done up in traditional bridal white. It is loaded with hilarious props that will make for some amazing pictures that you can cherish forever. 

  1. Rustic Backdrop for the Bridal Shower 

A wooden sign for the celebrants to hold that may be personalized is one of the best props to add to your collection. Rustic could be a fantastic theme for the bridal shower or a wedding too! You may add a more personal touch to your celebration by using many shapes and dimensions available. This stunning natural rustic board is entirely adaptable to meet the needs of any particular aspect of your big day. In addition, a jute rope tie has been provided for you so that you may easily display it while clicking pictures. 

  1. Smiley face cutouts for use in photo booths 

This particular set consists of 31 pieces, and it is the perfect one to make a party extremely cheerful and fun! It is ideal for a large number of people, and teens/ adults alike will have a good time laughing at the goofy expressions printed on these stylish smiley-faced cutouts. 

  1. Headbands for the bride-to-be and the bridesmaids 

In this day and age of selfies, Instagram, and Facebook, we take photos of ourselves and our friends having fun practically every time we go out, and the same thing happens at bridal showers and weddings! Having a photo booth at your wedding is the perfect way to capture those hilarious images of your friends and family having a good time. But it is made even better with these cute headbands for the Team Bride. The headbands are color-coordinated and look fabulous in pictures. 

  1. Famous Pink Themed Set 

If the bride-to-be’s favorite color is pink, then this set is something you should get right away! It is super adorable and will brighten the mood of the crowd at the party. These are durable and high-quality photo booth props that you can also decorate in a pink jar as the centerpiece of your party. These props will undoubtedly give your guests a great time spicing up the photoshoot! 

  1. Fancy Picture Frames 

Fancy frames never go out of fashion. Also, they’re pretty easy to use. The guests simply need to step behind and place their heads within the respective frames to click photographs with these fancy additions to your photo booth props collection. Please take pictures of the bridesmaids, the parents, the grandparents, and of course, the bride herself with her close friends. 


Having a photo booth at your bridal shower can be pretty fun, entertaining, and memorable not only for you but for the guests invited to the special event. We hope these suggestions regarding our favorite photo booth props have helped you decide what you want for your big day.

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