5 Factors That Impact the Result Of Plastic Surgery

5 Factors That Impact the Result Of Plastic Surgery

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January 10, 2023

Cosmetic surgery has the significant capacity to change and revamp your outlook from top to bottom. Yet, few factors can influence the longevity of your plastic surgery outcomes. In fact, one of the challenges we hear most frequently at our central Florida practice is “At what length will my plastic surgery results remain?”

In this blog, try to know what such factors are, how to deal with them, and what to do if your plastic surgery outcomes start to fade out with the passage of time.

Following are the top 5 incredibly impactful factors influencing your cosmetic plastic surgery outcomes:

Specialists in Comparison to Generalists

It’s not only merely about searching and selecting the best plastic surgeon in Dubai, but also one who masters your area and the choice you have made of the procedure.

Generalists execute a great range of cosmetic processes. Moreover, they are also technically authorized. In reality, they may not be as expert as a specialist in conducting your technique of interest.

On the other side, specialist plastic surgeons only execute processes in their area of specialization. The speciality advantage is natural: It influences not only your initial plastic surgery outcomes but also how well they hold up over time.

Health and Skin

All individuals carry an immune-based healing ability and personal scarring inclinations, which mark influence the available surgery alternatives, results, and recovery. Your comprehensive organ health also has an influence, and at times it is based on your everyday substance use along with nutritional intake.

The level of skin aging, prior injuries, sun damage, or priorly executed operations also leave a lasting impact. Genetics, medication effects, prior illnesses, and/or daily routine-based environmental exposures will indeed play a very important part.

What to Stay Away From: Selecting a very large or too heavy breast implant for your skin; not choosing LIPO only if you have ptosis as it could make sagging skin look worse; having cosmetic surgery, smoking, or having poor nutrition; when you do not perceive yourself as healthy and completely fine when you’re in the state of depression.

Current Shape

Your current shape very well defines your personal structure of the body along with the prevailing contours. In other words, what you’re initiating WITH right before surgery. Examples include skin ptosis/skin redundancy, breast shape/nipple positions, contours, bulges, folds, skin sagging, and muscle-to-fat distribution.

Your Surgeon’s Experience & Training

When you are undergoing a comparison between plastic surgeons, selecting an experienced, skilled as well as a well-known service provider is the most suggestible way to lessen complications and maximize your outcomes. This even includes how long the outcomes last. To ascertain that you are safe and reliable and gain natural-looking, long-lasting outcomes, you should look for the attributes mentioned below while selecting a perfect plastic surgeon in Dubai:

  • Level of education
  • Training & development
  • Verified patient reviews on websites
  • Board certifications
  • After and before photos

The Goal of Surgery

Whatever you look forward to achieving and if this is realistically possible by surgical means – or even viable! Realistic anticipations about what’s possible are extremely significant to get a good cosmetic surgery outcome. Is also very critical that you don’t feel disheartened with your selection of Surgeon.

What to stay away from: undergoing surgery just to keep your partner happy; thinking to appear just like a celebrity or star or to keep your looks totally altered; going after a perfect end result.

Plastic Surgery is about betterment, not idealism, and humans are never completely symmetrical, not utterly perfectly textured, smooth, and firm, having undergone too many processes or maintaining processes for false reasons in your life.

The Final Word

So, there you have it all! The TOP 5 incredible factors that mark a deep influence on your overall plastic surgery experience and your long-term cosmetic surgery outcomes!

Keeping good maintenance of your aesthetic outcome is an essential part of the plastic surgery journey. With a perfectly optimal specialist plastic surgeon, such as those available at The Nova Clinic; coupled with a care team as well as your self-determination to make healthy choices, you can make the best out of the complete longevity of your plastic surgery outcome. In the meantime, try to learn more about feeling and look at your best at every part of your age.

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