The Evolution of Acumen 2.0 EHR Software for Nephrology Practices

The Evolution of Acumen 2.0 EHR Software for Nephrology Practices

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January 4, 2023

If you are thinking of switching to a new EHR system, you should definitely look into what the evolution of Acumen 2.0 has to offer. The software includes features like Live US-based support and advanced payment models. You will also find easy-to-use features and Nephrology-specific workflows.

Easy-to-use Features

If you are looking for the best electronic health record (EHR) software for nephrology practices, you may want to take a closer look at Acumen 2.0. This cloud-based EHR solution features several useful features, including appointment scheduling, translation to text, a patient portal, and mobile charge capture.

The team behind the software has worked closely with Epic to create a solution that will meet the needs of nephrology practices. The platform has been in alpha testing for two months and is nearing the general release phase.

Currently, the product is being tested in a large nephrology practice. While the user interface is still under development, the software has already been refined.

Acumen’s team has also trimmed features from the general Epic suite to better serve nephrology practices. They have emphasized data sharing and care coordination in the design of their platform.

As a result, the nephrology community will have a smaller learning curve to transition to Acumen 2.0. In addition to improving access to patient information, the software will streamline administrative tasks for physicians.

Another advantage of the software is that it is customizable. Physicians can add new functions as they learn more about the system. Users can also tailor their exams and note formats to suit their specific workflow.

Another feature is the ability to automate charting. Praxis has a number of built-in tools to help users save time and improve the quality of care.

MyChart, an industry-leading EHR feature, allows patients to schedule appointments, complete pre-appointment paperwork, and pay bills online. Aside from this, the platform is fully integrated with clinical and billing systems.

With all of these features, the Acumen EHR is a great option for nephrology practices of any size. It offers a simple setup and quick implementation. Those interested in evaluating the software should talk to an EHR consultant to find a solution that is right for their specific needs.

Advanced Payment Models

The healthcare industry is moving towards advanced payment models. These new options for reimbursement will enable healthcare providers to improve outcomes, decrease financial strain, and improve the patient experience. One of the ways to prepare for this transition is to use EHR software like Acumen.

Acumen offers a wide array of tools and services to help practitioners and their teams achieve the best possible clinical outcomes. It has been designed to meet the needs of nephrology practices.

In particular, Acumen 2.0 is a highly streamlined solution that helps nephrology practices deliver the best care possible to patients. The company’s MyChart portal is a particularly easy-to-use feature that allows providers and patients to interact directly.

Another excellent feature is the Care Everywhere network, which provides providers with access to the patient information they need to make informed, patient-centered decisions. Through the network, providers can import data from other Epic providers.

One of the most significant benefits of the software is its ability to facilitate Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding. HCC coding is a coding method that reflects the medical complexity of a patient. This code can be easily included on claims.

Additionally, the software can also assist with electronic payer enrollments and payment posting. These features are important in helping nephrology practices improve their financial health.

With the advent of new technologies and the growing need for improved service, RCA recognizes broader demands for value-based care. As a result, they are actively involved as a development partner for Acumen 2.0.

The practice is currently using a version of the software that is free for patients. They have also worked closely with the Acumen and Epic teams to identify and fulfill their needs.

Value-based Reporting

Value-based reporting is becoming an increasingly important component of nephrology practices. Increasingly, patients are demanding more access to their medical records. Nephrology practices are also becoming acutely aware of the need to track metrics and improve the quality of care at the population level.

Acumen 2.0 is designed to address these trends. It is an EHR system that is specially tailored for nephrology practices. Powered by Epic, it enables data sharing with Epic and other non-Epic communities. With the help of Acumen customer support, practices can start using the product.

Using the platform, nephrology practices can easily manage and record patient education and treatment. It is also compatible with Epic’s Care Everywhere network, which allows patients to receive information from other Epic providers.

The system also enables the use of Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding, which reflects the complexity of a patient’s medical conditions like Meditouch EHR. This type of coding helps providers better understand their patients’ comorbidities and diagnoses.

Aside from facilitating data sharing with other providers and community systems, Acumen 2.0 provides the ability to record patient maturation. Moreover, it facilitates medication reconciliation and the sharing of information between providers. In addition to this, it supports standard reports for business operations.

Practices that are interested in using this EHR system can register with NextGen’s Insider program. They can then customize the system to fit their needs.

When the system is up and running, practices can access the MyChart portal, which offers a direct connection with patients. Patients can view their practice-defined areas of the medical record, schedule their own appointments, and communicate with nurses and physicians. Moreover, they can order lab results online.

In fact, practices that use Acumen 2.0 can demonstrate continuous improvement in the performance of their patient groups. In addition to this, it is an ideal platform for smaller private practices.

Live US-based Support

Acumen 2.0 is a clinical workflow experience powered by Epic. Its features have been designed to empower nephrology practitioners and medical practices. With this EHR software, physicians can provide their patients with better care services. Moreover, it improves their financial bottom line.

Acumen’s partnership with Epic has enabled it to provide its customers with a seamless transition from its EHR 1.0 to its next-generation platform. The newly enhanced version provides access to data from 41,200 clinics, 1,950 hospitals, and 405 healthcare organizations.

Acumen has also launched a new patient portal. The feature is easy to use and allows patients to access their health records. They can also view lab results and communicate with vendors.

In addition, Acumen has launched an innovative billing system. This feature is specifically designed to avoid billing errors. Additionally, it offers reminders for unpaid bills. Patients can even update their electronic health records.

Another exciting feature of the Acumen EHR Patient Portal is its ability to schedule appointments. Having a scheduling function is important for many healthcare providers. This helps make the appointment process easier and more efficient.

As the market shifts to value-based payment models, it is essential for physicians to have the best tools. To this end, Acumen partnered with Epic to offer its physicians a comprehensive and fully integrated revenue cycle management (RCM) solution.

Aside from delivering a powerful billing and RCM solution, the new software is equipped with a patient portal, mobile charge capture, and a suite of training modules. All these features make it simpler for nephrology physicians and practices to deliver high-quality, safe patient care.

When assessing an EHR software solution, it is essential to understand the specific needs of your practice. The software company should be affordable, offer a wide range of useful features, and help you to maximize financial performance.

Nephrology-specific Workflows

If you are looking for a way to enhance the clinical and financial performance of your nephrology practice, you need to consider Acumen 2.0 EHR software. This is a clinical solution that is designed to improve patient care and help you succeed in a changing healthcare landscape.

The EHR features a user-friendly interface and a wide array of digital nephrology-specific tools. It also offers a comprehensive set of business management tools. These include revenue cycle management, appointment scheduling, and registry capabilities.

Several providers are already using this EHR. There are over 336,000 physicians and more than 41,200 clinics that use the system. You can easily set up the software and get started right away.

With an EHR, you can communicate directly with your patients and receive a unified view of their medical information. Also, you can share patient details with other physicians and hospitals.

This software is not only affordable but also provides a wide range of useful features. In addition, it offers quick implementation and training.

The team behind the Acumen 2.0 EHR understands the nephrology profession’s unique needs. They have worked closely with the Nephrology community to develop a solution that is customized to meet those needs.

In addition, the product is based on the company’s extensive experience in the nephrology industry. It is also backed by customer support.

The Acumen team has worked with an alpha testing site, RenalCare Associates. The organization has been actively involved in the development of the software since early 2017.

RCA has been a leader in developing and deploying the minimum viable product version of Acumen 2.0. The team will continue to enhance and optimize the software’s functionality over time.

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