What are the Surprising Facts about STDs? List the important ones!

What are the Surprising Facts about STDs? List the important ones!

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January 5, 2023


We all know about STDs and their causes but no one can speak about them openly. People still think that it’s better to keep these things to themselves and not let anyone know about them. This is the main reason why more and more people are entering into high risk for infection. According to the world health organization

  • If we count the worldwide numbers, approximately one million people test positive for the STDs among which most are asymptomatic
  • The survey suggests that approximately 374 million new infections exist relayed to the main four – Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, and trichomoniasis
  • As per the reports, approximately more than 500 million people falling into the age group of 15-49 years have genital infections with HSV. The term HSV refers to Herpes, Simplex Virus
  • The scientists revealed that Human Papillomavirus is related to more than 311000 deaths caused due to Cervical Cancer every year
  • If you count pregnant women, approximately one million get infected by STDs especially Syphilis that results in more than 350000 adverse birth outcomes in the past year
  • People who are infected by STDs get issues with their sexual and reproductive health like infertility, increased risk of HIV, cancer, Complications in pregnancy, etc.
  • Those who frequently test positive for the STDs have very high resistance to antibiotics resulting in serious health issues

List of the Facts associated with STDs:

STD – Sexually Transmitted Disease is not just an infection, but it is a disease that slowly causes serious health problems leading to death. Some people don’t even show any symptoms until things turn bad. So, it is important to collect all the facts and figures that shall help you understand what it is and how it may impact your health.

There are more than 30 diseases transmitted due to unprotected sex:

Sex is important & there is no point in thinking that you can avoid sex to keep the infections at bay. So, all you need to do is to get all the important information related to STDs and know how you can stay safe. According to experts, people around the world have no idea about how many infections they are exposing themselves to after having unprotected sex with a partner. This is indeed something that needs attention & people should be aware that approximately 30 different diseases are caused by STDs & can be life-threatening if left untreated. This is the reason why everyone advises STD testing in Santa Monica

The reports show Infection rate rise among older people:

After counting older people in this section, we found that the rate was high. This was because older people are more prone to exposure than those who are in middle age. The reason can be the untimely death of their spouse, divorce, or separation from their partners & due to all this, they keep on looking for someone to have a relationship which exposes them to different partners and a high risk of infection if not played smart.

STDs badly affect your fertility:

Yes, you read it right. STDs can badly affect your fertility if you do not test yourself on time and go for the right treatment. We can say that all STDs are not life-threatening but some can cause a lot of other issues leaving you with no choice. Medical professionals have revealed that if you do not treat STDs, they can cause PID which is termed pelvic inflammatory disease. This infection scars your fallopian tubes and does not let the egg fertilize or even prevent the fertilized egg from reaching the womb.

Condoms are not 100% protection from STDs:

Have you heard about herpes? These fall under the category of Sexually transmitted diseases & even condoms cannot keep you safe from these. If your partner already has a herpes sore, then he or she can easily infect you with oral sex. You are easily exposed to herpes even if there is no intercourse activity between you two. So, it is better to check all these things before you get involved with your partner.

HPV – a member of the STD family can be the cause of cancer:

HPV – Human Papillomavirus is one among the family of STDs and people exposed to it are at a high risk of Cervical cancer, throat cancer, and penile cancer. So, if you are taking such things lightly, it’s time to be serious. If you are sexually involved with multiple partners, you must test after every six months and even if you find any symptoms. It is essential to keep yourself safe and enjoy life to the fullest.


STDs can cause several complications in your body and may lead to untimely death. Hence, you have to protect yourself from all these infections and diseases. First book a test clot, give the sample, and check the results. In case it is positive, consult a good doctor who can diagnose it and prescribe the right medicine for it. Even if it is negative, you must repeat the test after every six months. You must take care of your health and ensure a safe sex life.

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