5 Home Décor Tips Every Design Enthusiast Should Know

5 Home Décor Tips Every Design Enthusiast Should Know

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Home Decor, Published On
December 27, 2022

Designing a home into a different style can be an incredibly fun process but a daunting one at the same time. After all, you need to take tons of decisions while decorating a home in its unique style. There are rooms to furnish, walls to paint, and a fair amount of hardware, décor, as well as upholstery to pick out too…

We have rounded up the best tips and recommendations offered by some expert interior designers to help you navigate your home décor project, as every home should look beautiful and special to live in.


List of 5 Home Décor Tips Every Design Enthusiast Should Know

Here, you’re bound to find the best inspirational tips that you need to get started, so simply take the next step and finish up your home décor project:


  1. Put a Focal Point in Every Room

A statement piece can turn the home from simple to striking. But, do not overwhelm your space with snagging too many. A rule of thumb to follow is that you only need to put a single showstopper piece in every room to create one design focal point. Whether it be a master art piece, kitchen backsplash, or a gorgeous stair carpet runner for any room.


  1. Stray from the Trends

Interior designers say to not always follow trends as they come and go. It would be better to focus on what you love. If you keep things simple and decorate your home with the items you love can make your space stand out from the rest with its timeless beauty.


  1. Pick Pieces that can multitask

One of the most underrated ways to make your home look versatile is to stock up on decorative pieces that can do multitasks.

It can be a snag pillow that can double as plush floor seating, large trays that can turn ottomans into small coffee tables, or a three-sitting sofa that can convert into a small bed. Additionally, these pieces help to optimize your space by making it more livable and functional.


  1. Lower your Artwork

Art can help to transform your space into stunning interiors. But according to some designers, hanging them too high can distract their beauty. Hence, it is advisable to “lower your wall art pieces of every room.” Art should be always hung about 60-62 inches from the floor to keep your wall art at eye level.


  1. Stock Up on Essentials Before Choosing Your Palette

Many people start committing to a color palette before decorating a space. but, expert interior designers recommend to don’t choosing your color scheme until you stock up on essentials like upholstered furniture, rugs, and more – and let them inform your color palette.



Today, you’re not alone in your quest to craft a beautifully structured space as there are tons of tips available that are generally offered by expert interior designers who have done what you’re trying to do. Whether you’re tackling a full renovation or giving a quick makeover with van gogh art  to your home. So, always choose what expert advices at canvas art paintings .


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