Is Your Web Hosting Provider Hurting Your Website’s SEO?

Is Your Web Hosting Provider Hurting Your Website’s SEO?

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November 11, 2022

When there is a discussion about search engine optimization (SEO), you must know that a considerable number of tiny factors, as well as details, are included in the website ranking. One of the most critical things you are needed to take into consideration is the choice of your web hosting provider. 

There are so many things that affect your website’s Seo and Your Web hosting Service and web hosting provider is one of them. It is very important that you do proper research before choosing a Hosting company to purchase hosting for your website.

This is because the type of SEO server services & facilities you gain with your web hosting plan depends on your web host. Via this guide, you will get insights into the impacts associated with your website ranking. Without wasting another second, dip into the sections below and get all the necessary details. 

How Your Web Hosting Provider Affects Your Website’s SEO

Following are some principal factors through which your web hosting provider might bring your website’s SEO down – 

Connection Errors

When your website faces connection errors from your web hosting company’s end, your website’s SEO is highly impacted in a negative way. For instance, receiving the “internal server error”  or, “database connection failure” error messages means your web hosting services are not able to keep up with your website’s traffic volumes. 

Low Uptime Network Guarantee

It does not matter how competitive and amazing your website is if it is not available or accessible to Internet users most of the time. So, any web hosting provider providing less than 99.90% uptime network assurance with the web hosting solutions does not worth your money and time. 

Slow Speeds

The fast speed of your website is better for both the Google rankings as well as your visitors. A hosting provider that offers slow servers can lower your website’s ranking significantly. Thus, you must assure to obtain the fastest and most robust web hosting server for hosting your website. 

To ensure a fast website, choose a web hosting server that meets all of your website’s resource needs. Because it is really important that your website gets enough resources from the primary server.

FAQ on Shared Hosting

FAQ on Shared Hosting

What does it mean by SEO Hosting?

SEO is the shorthand form of Search Engine Optimization. When one talks about SEO hosting, it is referred to a particular technique a web hosting provider employs to enable its customers’ websites to perform better in search engines. For instance, your hosting provider invests its time & money into delivering the maximum possible uptime network guarantee, dedicated (or unique) IPs, the fastest web servers’ speeds, and progressive data protection features. All these factors enable you to make your website SEO friendly and attain the best likely ranking on the search engines. 

Does hosting change or upgrade impact your Website’s Seo?

Yes, definitely! When you shift to the best web hosting provider, you bring in the possibility to enhance your website’s SEO. However, if you obtain degraded web hosting services, your website’s SEO can even turn out to be worse. Thus, when you look for a change in hosting services, you must assess your website’s needs & spend a good time seeking dependable as well as the best web hosting. You must ensure to receive high-grade web hosting facilities along with cutting-edge SEO services for the advancement of your website. This is how you can obtain a great deal for hosting your website successfully. 

Which is the best Web Hosting Service for a good Seo?

Without any skepticism, we can suggest Hostbillo Hosting Solutions for acquiring the ultimate SEO web server hosting services. Hostbillo is renowned as the industry leader & most trustworthy SEO hosting provider across the globe. It has also attained high recognition for rendering the best-in-class hosting services & top-grade facilities with the most suitable web hosting plan. Further, you receive the mentioned below listed excellent hosting features that enable your website to attain incredible SEO practices – 

  • Support of resilient infrastructure
  • High-grade equipment & powerful hardware tools that offer uninterrupted functioning
  • Modern web technologies with all the best web hosting services
  • 99.90% Uptime network assurance 
  • Service level agreement
  • Highest & constant connectivity
  • Surplus bandwidth 
  • Progressive data security features and much more. 

Is shared hosting not a good option for SEO?

If your website is small-scale & does not acquire much traffic, making use of a shared hosting server will not impact your website’s SEO negatively. However, if you are aiming to target a large volume of traffic through your website or your website gets heavy traffic volumes, the shared server web hosting plan can not be your web choice. 

This is because the shared server web hosting plan makes you share the resources with other users residing on the same central server. When the workload increases on the physical server, either your resources are taken away, or you can not obtain the support of needed resources instantly. This can lead to an increment in your website’s bounce rate & loading speed. As a result, your website’s SEO gets a negative effect. To know about Shared Hosting you can read this article: Linux shared Hosting


It is important to take care that your existing hosting services do not harm your website’s SEO. This is because no matter how structured & appealing your website is or, how rich content it possesses, your website can not reach out to the target audience without having a great SEO. 

Thus, it is a wise move to shift to a better web hosting provider or upgrade your web hosting plan when you see your website’s SEO going down or not enhancing. Further, as discussed in the above segment, you can seek Hostbillo Hosting Solutions to acquire the best SEO server hosting server with a Cheap web hosting plan to productively host your website.

Hostbillo offers a 99.90 server uptime guarantee that helps your website to be more reliable and also they do regular server monitoring to prevent any security breach.  Hostbillo also provides 24/7 customer support form an experienced technical team. 

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