Why Should You Use Django for Python App Development?

Why Should You Use Django for Python App Development?

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January 6, 2023

For any enterprise software development company, choosing the right programming language or framework like Django for any web app development project is one of the most difficult choices, and there are multiple reasons. One of the major ones is the degree of limitations in feature offerings and overall functionality.  


The market out there is full of different offerings that are designed to fit some specific projects like a second skin. So let’s talk from a developer’s perspective. Three things take high priority while making this choice – the available tools in a framework, the language used, and the reputation of the entire framework in the market. 


Being one of the best in the factors mentioned above, Django ticks all the right boxes by being one of the leading frameworks for Python development

Django and Its Python Connection


Once you have decided that Python would be your language of choice, choose Django as the framework for the development process. 


This Entails the question: what is the Django python web framework?


Django is an open-source, free-to-use, full-stack web development framework in Python. If you need help understanding what a framework does, it offers a set of created components to facilitate the rapid development of websites with clutter-free and sorted architectures. 


It reduces a lot of hassle for developers as tasks like file uploads, user authentication, and employing CMS implementation can be avoided with each web app development project. In short, if ready-to-use web app solutions were a thing, it would be Django.


The market share of Django stands at a healthy 31.27%. This is testament to the popularity of Django web development services.

How Close are Django Web Development and Python?


While Python and Django are closely intertwined, it’s crucial to understand that they are different. 


The Python programming language is used to develop apps by leveraging different technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. On the other hand, Django is a framework based on Python to enable full-stack web server and application development. 


With Python app development, you can create great web applications from scratch, but you can customize and tune your app with Django through its predesigned code chunks. 

Why Using Django Python Web Framework is a Great Choice for Developers


As a web development framework, multiple things go in favor of Django from a developer’s angle. 


We tell you a few of those reasons below:


  • Elaborate and Trending Community Support:
  • Django has the huge support of the developer community, who are thoroughly professional about their approach to this framework and willing to assist in any manner possible.
  • Having a healthy community is always helpful as it makes getting answers to doubts or queries very simple, as there are always chances that any issue you might be facing might have been addressed by someone before. This is one of the big reasons why Django for Python developers is a good framework choice. 

  • Django Works Well with DevOps:
  • DevOps has become an integral part of the overall development process, where it blends all cultures, practices, tools, and other aspects that accelerate the delivery of services and applications at high speed.
  • Django’s integration with DevOps is a good option as fixing issues becomes a quick process as there is better operational support, increasing the overall system efficiency. 

  • The Capability of REST Framework:
  • Representational State Transfer framework, or REST, is a very popular toolkit for creating APIs. With the flexibility offered by REST, it is a very seamless process to create a complete web application with minimal coding.
  • As a result, data is not restricted to any protocol and can be delivered in multiple formats. It contributes to considerably higher efficiency in operations for any enterprise software development company


  • Compatible with Older Versions:
  • This is a big deal for any framework. With Django, developers can work with the previous or older format or feature versions. To add to it, developers will also find a detailed guide with all information needed to know about the trends as well as changes in the Django framework when old formats become incompatible with the newer ones.
  • This advantage with Django makes the integration of different versions smoother.


  • Compliance with DRY and KISS:
  • Django follows the KISS principle to the T, which is an abbreviation for Keep It Short and Simple. In the Django context, the code should be brief, understandable easily, and not be crossed beyond 50-60 lines.
  • You will also find Django following the DRY principle, which translates to Don’t Repeat Yourself. It means that patterns that occur regularly can, more often than not, lead to issues with code execution. With DRY, this repetition can be avoided.
  • It saves time with Django for Python developers.


Final Thoughts

To put everything in a final few lines, Django assists developers in creating tailored web apps by offering them multiple modules, features, and modules. 

Such is the popularity of Django that presently, high-traffic websites like YouTube, Google, Instagram, Spotify, and more are considering going ahead with Django for their web operations. This clearly shows how Django web development with Python can be a game-changer in many ways.

However, at the same time, it is also crucial to understand that, like any other framework, Django also has its fair share of both benefits and drawbacks, and as developers, the choice from your end needs to suit what is required. 

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