Cool Things To Do On First Visit To Tehran

Cool Things To Do On First Visit To Tehran

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December 28, 2022

It’s crucial that the initial trip to Tehran goes smoothly. Tehran, the capital of Iran, is a cosmopolitan and culturally rich city with many attractions. Mandalay has compiled a list of ten essentials for first-time visitors to Iran and Tehran in order to be of service to you.

Explore this metropolis and keep an eye out for cool, youthful Tehranis in the northern neighborhoods, where the Alborz Mountains serve as a picturesque backdrop. One option is to visit one of the city’s many museums or galleries. Iran has some of the most beautiful cities to explore. If you are wondering to go there anytime soon. Without any doubt, start planning, make emirates booking in any class and save up to 60% off on every flight till the last minute. To make it easy for you, the purpose of this guide to Tehran is to help you plan your trip like a local.

How to Climb Milad Tower

If this is your first trip to Tehran, you must ascend the Milad Tower (Borj-e Milad in Arabic). With a height of 435 meters, it is not only one of the tallest buildings in Iran, but also the sixth-tallest telecommunications tower in the world.

Go to the Golestan Palace

First-time visitors to Tehran should make a point of visiting the Golestan Palace in the heart of the city’s historic quarter. This edifice, which was originally used as the royal palace for the Qajar dynasty, is today considered an architectural monument.

Observe the Azadi Tower

The Azadi Tower, also known as the Freedom Tower (Borj-e zdi), is a must-see for any first-time visitors to Iran. As a symbol of the revolution and independence won in 1979, the Azadi Tower has become an indispensable part of Tehran’s skyline.

See everything at Baq Ferdos Park has to offer, you’ll need to walk around

The parks and gardens of Tehran are among the city’s most recognizable features. It’s possible that locals spend a lot of time in parks and gardens to escape the heat or cold, respectively. There are miniature fountains, an aquarium, a boating lake, a swimming pool, and a library all around the park. Within the park, you’ll find these conveniences and more.

Eat at a restaurant that has stood the test of time

Iran’s cuisine isn’t inferior to that of its neighbors, such as Lebanon or Turkey. If you really want to get to know the people of Iran, you should try to adopt their eating habits. The Bagh-e-Saba restaurant has been serving its patrons for generations; make a reservation to have a meal there. Dim lights and an atmosphere reminiscent of the orient create the mood for dining on classic Iranian fare including kabab, chelow khoresht, gheimeh, and ghormeh sabzi while listening to live Persian music played by a band.

Visit the Tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini

On the outskirts of Tehran stands the sanctuary that is Ayatollah Khomeini’s mausoleum. Here lies Rouhollah Khomeini, who in 1979 led the Iranian revolution that converted the country from an empire to an Islamic one. A total of four, 90-meter-tall towers surround the tomb.

Spending time window shopping in the Grand Bazaar

If you want to learn more about the culture of the people who live in Tehran, a trip to the city’s souk is a great place to start. pointing towards the direction of Tehran’s Grand Bazaar A place where people from all walks of life converge, creating an atmosphere that is, despite its noise and bustle, utterly enchanted. 

Ascend Tochal Mountain

If you’re visiting Tehran for the first time, you can’t miss Mount Tochal. This mountain range, which is found to the north of Tehran, has a mysterious peak that reaches a height of 3,993 meters. An excellent adventure for anyone interested in mountaineering or winter hiking. Take a break at one of the roadside teahouses and enjoy the quirky charm of the area. 

How to reach Tehran?

By air

While Air Arabia does fly to both Iran and Iraq, the majority of its routes are destined for Iran. If you’re looking for flights to Tehran or planning a vacation find some exciting new options to consider right here. With Emirates, you can relax knowing that no matter whatever cabin class you choose, you’ll enjoy a great flight experience.

By train

Train travel in Iran often leaves passengers with more pleasant and lasting impressions. Because the vast majority of trains are operated by private companies, the quality of each train may vary considerably. Even while none of them are truly exceptional, the level of service is at least decent. Typically, trains traveling at high speeds connect many destinations.

By road

A vehicle temporary entrance license, which is essentially a passport for your car, is required to enter Iran with your motorcycle or automobile. In addition, a tourist visa is required.


Simply go out and see for yourself; Tehran is a city that offers attractive tourist attractions to anybody who visits. So why wait? Book a trip to Iran with AirlinesMap and have a hassle-free trip to Iran..!!

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