Top Fifa Fan Tokens to Invest in 2023

Top Fifa Fan Tokens to Invest in 2023

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Blockchain, Published On
November 23, 2022

The biggest craze of the sports industry, the Fifa world, began on November 21, 2022, for the current year. Crypto collectibles like NFTs, blockchain technology, web3 gaming, crypto FIFA fan tokens, and crypto rewards to earn on predicting the winner make this event more attractive.

If you are already a token holder, many things are coming your way as the token holders reserve the right to vote, predict and participate in other contests. Still, if you have invested in any of Fifa Fan tokens but look forward to having one such investment in 2023, then this blog is a perfect read for you; let us get started :

Top Fifa Fan Tokens to invest in 2023

Fifa Fan Token Name Description 2023 Forecast
 Portugal National Team Fan Token (POR)


This is one of the most popular tokens, led by the Portugal team Star Christiano Ronaldo. This token is ranked 1# for the highest trading volume. POR token price has increased by 55% and is expected to hit $17.42 by 2023, a Good Buy option for a long-term run/
Spain National Football Team Fan Token (SNFT) Thie is the second most traded coin and has seen a boost in trading to the utmost 1000% since October 2022, smashing New Ath. Amid its news ATH, the Token is expected to record $0.43227; it will rally harder if the team records another win.
Argentine Football Association Fan Token (ARG) #3 most popular, fan-favorite token led by the Argentina football team. The team has stated it is the final year with FIFA; despite this, the token has seen a trading volume spike of 1000%. Although it’s the final year of the team, the token has reached $5.58, marking new highs, and is also expected to fall into a bearish trap due to the FIFA exit announcement.
Brazil National Football Team Fan Token (BFT) This is one of the most famous teams, having won Fifa 5 times in history, but the token BFT has yet to perform so well. The price of BFT is expected to exceed $21.59, and recovery can be expected from the token, though bearish now.

Where can you Trade Fifa Fan Tokens?

Fifa tokens can be bought on the largest exchanges like Okex and, Binance and These exchanges also run some carnivals and campaigns one can participate and earn crypto fan tokens as perks.

Conclusion :

An important update to note is Fan tokens do not represent any team but are rewarded to the fans who dedicatedly follow the team and participate in predicting the winning team or may prediction of game turnarounds. They are entirely new, and are about 100 of them listed in the market; among all of them, Santos FC Fan Token, the Brazil National Football team Fan Token, and FC Barcelona are the most popular ones and are traded to a greater extent off FIFA  world cup season as well.

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