Credit Cards Vs. Debit Cards: What’s The Difference?

Credit Cards Vs. Debit Cards: What’s The Difference?

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December 31, 2022

Getting instant credit in India is what we are going to discuss here. Other forms of credit can be difficult to choose. Decide on the bank, NBFC, or financial institutions. Then fill out the credit card application form and upload the required documents.

An instant credit card online is usually delivered to your address within two weeks if your credit application is approved. A credit card application will be approved based on the following factors:

A Good Credit Score

You have a higher chance of being approved for credit cards if you have a good credit score, which speaks a lot about your creditworthiness.


You can also obtain instant credit card approval if you have a good income. Therefore, ensure that you submit proof of income that meets the financial institution’s requirements.

Age of Applicant:

Credit cards are more likely to be approved for people in their 30s who have been working for some time.

Savings Account:

When you apply for a credit card through a bank with a savings account, you are more likely to receive instant approval for your free credit card application online.

With today’s technology, it is easy to get instant approval on a credit card, and that too with minimal documentation. Your credit score can, however, be improved. An acceptable credit score can help you get lower interest rates and greater credit amounts.

Such cards have become a game changer for some people by providing short-term credit to this fast-moving world from the comfort of their homes. A good internet connection and your bank app are all you need. It is much easier for customers to apply online via the official website or banks since all banks today conduct the entire process online.

And the cards are a great solution, too, as the need for immediate funds can arise anytime. The credit card offers funding or capital that is relatively easy to obtain without pledging any collateral.

In addition to providing an easy-to-use interface, a credit card is a safe and reliable service that has a lot of benefits attached to it. For instance, you simply have to swipe the card when purchasing a certain product on EMI. You can pay back the borrowed amount in any way you like in installments or as a full amount. 


Using a credit card has democratized credit because anyone with a card or even a smartphone can use free funds for anything they like.  Compared with the traditional method of buying things, this method has huge advantages.


It is also an area where financial institutions have changed the game entirely. Additionally, you only need to submit a small number of documents, which you can upload directly from your smartphone.

Power of Choice

When it comes to credit cards, one size does not fit all. You can find several credit card offerings from several banks or NBFCs with varying limits, benefits and features. You simply have to browse through the various terms and conditions to find one that suits your needs

Processing Time

Because the entire process takes place through online mode, the processing time gets lessened. Your entire takes 48 hours to be processed if all your documents are in order.

It is common for people in India to want to apply for a credit card, but they do not know how to do so. For this reason, you can try applying for an Indian credit card in the following ways.

You Can Apply on the Bank’s Website

If you intend to apply for a credit card from a specific bank, you can visit the official website of that bank. You can apply for a bank’s or NBFC’s credit card services by visiting its official website or by logging into your HDFC Credit Card account. If you want a credit card from another financial institution, you can do so on their website. 

Applying for the card requires only basic information like name, income, date of birth, and company name. A representative from the financial institution will contact you and discuss the card and other details with you. The bank’s representative will be able to answer all your questions about the credit card. Taking steps to get a credit card is as simple as filling out the application form.

Banks are Located all Over the Country

Alternatively, you can visit your nearest bank and speak with a credit card representative.

Agents can apply

Several banks outsource their credit cards to NBFCs, who sell them on their behalf. Once you apply for the credit card on offer, you can get it within 15 days. You will have various credit cards to choose from since it has credit cards from multiple banks.

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