Highest Paying Jobs In the Finance Sector  of 2022

Highest Paying Jobs In the Finance Sector of 2022

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Finance, Published On
August 3, 2022

The finance industry is one of the most lucrative positioned industries. Any niche you work in finance departments lies in every organization. In this blog, we will check some of the highest paying jobs in the finance industry The finance industry despite being lucrative and competitive provides ample career opportunities to graduates, interns, freshers, and experienced candidates. Let us read about the top highest paying jobs now

  • Finance  Managers:

The role of finance managers in the company is to take care of the business finance. They advise all executives on better investment opportunities to expand the organization or its resources. The financial manager might be in charge of entire financial executions in smaller companies. While in big companies micromanagement is possible. According to the job portals, a finance manager on average earns  $131,710 annually which is projected to grow 27% after a year or so.

  • Accountants / Auditors:

Accountants and Auditors are responsible for all the finance flow of the organization. They also prepare balance sheets, and audit sheets, maintain all payments processed, and ensure that tax is filed at right time. Every company has an accounts department led by accountants. Along with a degree in commerce or accounts, one has to undertake a training course to manage accounts and learn about regulations. On average, an account draws $87,250 annually. The average growth rate for this career is projected to be around 17%.

  • Management Analysts:

Management Analysts or financial analysts gather information like sales, and expenditures, plan other executions, and advise executives to spend and save for the organization’s future. To conclude financial analysts let a company function more efficiently. As per the ZipRecruiter, financial analysts earn up to $100000 and are projected to grow by 13% by 2030.

  • Personal Financial Advisor:

Personal financial advisors are appointed by people who find it difficult to manage their finances. The role here is to manage client finance in all possible ways right from expenditures to systematic investment plans to future savings. They develop some one-time consultants, short-term and long-term as well. Financial advisors are also paid hourly charges for the sessions they engage in, and they also help you plan your retirements, and take decisions on stocks investment, property purchases, or selling holdings. Despite being self-employed financial advisors earn up to $94,710 and the job opportunities might grow by 5% till 2030.

Some other Financial sector jobs and their average salaries are stated in the table below:

Designation Average Annual Salary Projected Growth
Business Finance Manager $135780 13%,
Accountant $87,250 7%
Finance Executive $95000 17%
Tax Consultant $120000 9%
Personal Finance Advisor $88000 14%
Broker $79000 6.5%
Chartered Accountants $102000 18%



Not only these there are many other highest-paying jobs in the finance industry. Despite being competitive the industry has a lucrative career path. According to some job portals and labor bureaus, occupations in the financial industry are projected to grow 11% and generate about 750,800 new jobs throughout  2030.


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